ATTENTION: Real estate investors who want to make a killing BEFORE the upcoming “market correction.” And even more, DURING it!...
ATTENTION: Real estate investors who want to make a killing BEFORE the upcoming “market correction.” And even more, DURING it!
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✔ The dark secrets of Wall Street… revealed by the Yale University fund manager, who grew their endowment from $1B to $25B. (p. 51)

✔ How to KEEP all of your real estate investing profits, 100% tax-free… using this perfectly legal but little-known loophole. (p. 53)

✔ How to become a “MONEY MAGNET” using the same secret process that grew Uber from “a crazy idea” into a $40 Billion company. (p. 56)

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✔ The “ugly” direct mail letter… that gets your phone ringing off the hook with HIGHLY MOTIVATED SELLERS. (This works better than anything else we’ve ever tested… and we’ve tested everything!) (p.79)

✔ The Buffett Method: How to FORCE APPRECIATION… and almost INSTANTLY raise a property’s value by tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars (Which means MORE profit in YOUR pocket). (p. 86)

✔ My secret process for finding and hiring ACCOUNTABLE CONTRACTORS… who keep your fix-and-flips on-time and on-budget. (Follow these guidelines… and you’ll save yourself a LOT of headaches) (p. 91)

✔ How to accurately estimate EXACTLY what your repairs will cost… without needing any construction or home improvement experience. (Just plug in these #s we’ve acquired over 100s of deals) (p. 97)

✔ The “SWEET SPOT” properties that make the PERFECT flips (From the # of bedrooms and bathrooms… down to the color scheme, I’ll tell you exactly what to look for) (p. 104)

✔ How to EASILY sell any house… AT or ABOVE market value, using our Proven Property Launch Formula (The best part: you can literally hand this checklist to your realtor and have them do ALL the work for you) (p. 108)

✔ EXACTLY what to do… to ensure a stress-free closing… every time! (We’re literally walk you through the entire process… from “45 days out” to “Closing Day” giving you specific, step-by-step instructions) (p. 115)

✔ The 10 Most Common Mistakes That KILL Real Estate Deals… And How to Easily Avoid them! (p. 130)

✔ How to quickly and safely build a portfolio of passive-income producing properties… so you can start building LONG-TERM wealth! (p. 146)

✔ Alternate Exit Strategies… including our “Triple Play Profits” method that gets you paid THREE DIFFERENT WAYS on each deal you do! (p. 149)

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Be Daring,
Josh Cantwell
Strategic Real Estate Coach
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