Your Real Estate Investing Playbook to
Create Financial Freedom and Peace of Mind!

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Here’s Just A Small Sample Of What You’ll Discover Inside The Flip System…

✔ The shocking true story of how I escaped death… and the 5 weird lessons I learned which made me millions of dollars as an investor. (p. 20)

✔ How I flipped 1467 Sunny Acres Road for 39K in pure profit… while literally being stuck in bed, recovering from a life-saving surgery! (p. 15)

✔ My 10-step Peak Performance formula that you can use to smash almost ANY business or life goal with systematic precision. This turns SUCCESS into a simple, repeatable process! (p. 27)

✔ How one of my students banked over 100K on a single deal… WITHOUT having to put any money down… or make any repairs. (p. 39)

✔ Why my proven real estate systems are just ONE of the 3 things you need to become a successful investor. These are the other 2… and luckily, they don’t cost a dime! (p. 42)

✔ The 2 laws of success when it comes to flipping houses for BIG profits... and how you can do these deals with no money down. (p. 43)

✔ How to find ALL the funding you need… for as many real estate deals as you want… WITHOUT ever dealing with any bank loans. (p. 45)

✔ The dark secrets of Wall Street… revealed by the Yale University fund manager, who grew their endowment from $1B to $25B. (p. 51)

✔ How to KEEP all of your real estate investing profits, 100% tax-free… using this perfectly legal but little-known loophole. (p. 53)

✔ How to become a “MONEY MAGNET” using the same secret process that grew Uber from “a crazy idea” into a $40 Billion company. (p. 56)

✔ How you can tap into my own Private Capital to get funding for your flips (AND get your deals evaluated FOR you BEFORE you commit… so you can get stuck in a “bad deal.”) (p. 65)

What Customers Are Saying...

Mark Carmona:
“I was introduced to Josh Cantwell and his sytem of how to rehab and resell properties.. it was an amazing experience. It's facts, it's data, it's information. It's how to do this business from the ground up.”

Mike Johnston:
“I've closed over $4 million in real estate. It wasnt until I got coaching that they were able to connect the dots for me... and today I'm in the process of completing 10 to 12 real estate deals that will allow me to make more money in six months than I would in 3 years.”

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